Ramstein Inn

About the Ramstein Inn

Ramstein Inn is a hotel complex that offers VQ (Visiting Officers Quarters), DVQ (Distinguished VQs), TLF’s (Temporary Lodging, pet-friendly available) for all Military ID Cardholders/Sponsors.

 It is located on Ramstein Air Base at building 3336 and spreads out over 20 facilities throughout the entire base. 

In all facilities of the hotel complex you have the options to even book an apartment for the whole family or a single room if you are travelling alone. Geographically you can reach Ramstein AB less than 20 minutes by car from the center of Kaiserslautern. 

The Ramstein Inn can be accessed through the Exchange building, right across the Ramstein PAX Terminal. You will find the reception desk on the first floor which can easily reached by the inside escalator or from the outside entrance upon your arrival. Reservations can be made via email, phone or in person at the hotel reception.

You tried to make a reservation at Ramstein Inn but they issued you a
" Non-Availability lodging Letter ”?

Receiving the message that the place you are trying to stay at has no available rooms for you at your requested time frame, might be disappointing at the time. We do understand that! Our solution? Come and check out our modern and TLA/TLF apartments in the preferred area right outside the RAB main west gate. 

Check out our website www.tdyramstein.com to get a first impression of our spacious TDY/TLA apartments.

 Feel free to call our cell phone number +49 173 8317162 or email info@kmc-tla.com

We are looking forward to your reservation.

What is the rate per diem to stay at our TLA/TLF?

We guarantee that the diem rate (allowance per night) at our TLA/TLF will be the same as if you were staying at Ramstein Inn. The advantages that you can’t miss out on booking with us, is that we will provide you a rental car that is available throughout the entire stay which is also already included in your rate. We are used to serving the military community successfully for over 20 years- That’s why we are making the difference!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or relevant questions.

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