TLA rates Germany

What is the temporary lodging allowance.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is available for Service menber or dependent. Your rate will be acording to your TDY TLA lodging rate or DOD government cilivians per diem rate ( lodging Rate ) or according to your housing office for military menbers while you stay in your TLA s in Landstuhl.

please see Per Diem Rates Query (dod.mil

We work together with US government since over 10 years according to your temporary allowance and per diem rates. ( you only will pay according to finance and housing. All of our places are housing, finance and off base lodging approved.

While you stay by us you will get a free rental car within your arival and we will pay for.

Each military member must have a non Aletter from on base lodging to cover your expenses for your off base pcs lodging.

We will make sure that your TLA house is ready by your arrival at any time. 24/7 check in time.

Rates are based on reimbursable TLA daily lodging rate (Per Diem) for US Military and DOD Civilians.on your side a your arrival in KMC area.

Each pcs can be different, but which as you will have experienced partner additional we have your papers ready which you must have for the arrvial ( like school letter for you kids) additional your car will be ready without any expenses for you and your familie.

For more information email our TLA office. info@kmc-tla.com

Our goal is provide a Termorary lodging experience to military members and civilian personal as they travel to and from to Ramstein Air base and into the Kaiserslautern military area.

We provide lodgings for military member and civilian personnel serving the Kaiserslautern military area.

Providing TLA services since over 10 years we have received lots of recognition.

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Ramstein TLA with car
Ramstein TLA with car