What does DoD PER DIEM RATE Mean?

PER DIEM RATEs - TDY Travel Rate - per Diem rates in Germany

  • Allowance for Travel – For DoD Per Diem
  • Your are lookig for you per diem rates while you on PCSing or on TDY and you like to use your rate the best you can.
    The per diem rates will cover you expenses like loging cost, travel costs, at your new location while you away from your home.
  • Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is the allowance for lodging when you are overseas. You should receive TLA lodging amount as well as and your meals and incidental expenses from the time you arrive to the he day you accept your house and your Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) begins. For that time we can offer you your modern TLA TDY homes in Ramstein and in the kmc area. We do have TLA homes available including free rental 

What is my per diem rate ?

Generally, Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is the allowance for lodging while your temporary duty station gets moved overseas like Germany for example. The per diem rates will cover your expenses like lodging and travel costs, at your temporary duty location, while you are away from home. The additional TLA lodging allowance will also cover meals as well as incidental expenses. It starts at the time of arrival and ends at the time you found your long-term house/apartment and the actual Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) begins. In times of uncertainty and orientation, we are offering you to stay at our modern TLA/TDY Homes in Ramstein Village, right outside the main West gate of Ramstein AB. Additionally to the great location each of our accommodations provide top high-speed internet, and all reservations are including a free rental throughout your entire stay! Also, Ramstein Village has a train station which you will find very close by and offers the perfect opportunity for your next 4-day weekend trip. Feel free to contact us at any time so we can clarify your questions about the diem rates, other TLA travel related questions or even recommendations for your next trip! 

Is there any guidance for the diem rate overseas?

Annually, Defense Travel Management Office (DTS) of the DoD sets and updates the per diem rate for overseas (OCONUS) and stateside (CONUS) locations on official travel orders. It works as a monetary reward to all government and military service members. We are highly recommending the DTS website, which we linked here -à Per Diem Rate Lookup | Defense Travel Management Office (dod.mil). The easy ,,Per Diem Rate Lookup” function will work as a calculator, to find out the per diem rate by location. 

How do I pay for my TDY/TLA stay at our accommodation?

Payments can be done with the government Travel Card (GTC) that will be provided by the US Government. We are also accepting any other credit card of your convenience, such as VISA, Master and American Express. Make sure to bring your VAT Form as well- we are more than happy to walk you through on how to use the form while you are staying with us. 

Why are our TDY/TLA Homes the best choice for your stay?

We always guarantee best prices, that means that you will only have to pay the official reimbursement rate, based on your family size. If you want to learn more about daily rates, please use the ,, Per Diem Rate” guidance for reference, which is provided by the Defense Travel Management Office (DTS). Also, we are transparent will all our costs, which means that there are no additional costs such as booking or cleaning fees.  

We understand your travel requirements.

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Per diem rate - Per diem Overseas allowance -TLA travel rate.

Unter compliance for you DOD Lodging rate we will offer you modern TLA apartments and homes within you expense

GS employees can stay within there allowances in our modern TLA in Ramstein while PCSing.

How do I use my
Per Diem rate ?

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