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,,FirstAid” Guidelines for your military stay in Germany!

Are you saying Goodbye to the US and your family & friends to stay at your new PCS Location for the first time? You PCS to Germany ? Or do we say Welcome Back to Germany for your second visit, and you are considered as an Returnee?

We do not make a difference- our support for you is guaranteed through your entire stay with us in our TLA accommodations.

If you have any other questions & concerns, please do never hesitate to give us a call, write us an email or even stop by! We are looking forward to meeting you and answer all your questions in person!

We really hope that our Guidelines helped you out for a better orientation and one step closer to get you settled while you PCS to Germany.


Newcomers Information

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) - What does that mean?

A Permanent Change of Station, short PCS means, that you will have to leave your current duty station. Certainly, that don´t necessarily means that this is considered moving within the US only.  The  Air Force have subsidiaries across the country borders and worldwide. In hat process you will You will hear words like CONUS. This is considered as the move within the 48 Contigous States, meaning States that shares the borders. Another one is the OCONUS, which means international locations like Europe & Asia, but in addition to Hawaii and Alaska

Welcome to Ramstein - Welcome to the Kaiserslautern Military Community KMC
Where is Ramstein located, and what does the KMC actually mean?

Ramstein is located in the southwestern part of Germany, which belongs to the federal State of Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate). This State is known for the wine-growing regions and have one of the largest Forest, the Black Forest in Germany. The nearest bigger city is Kaiserslautern. Restaurants, shopping malls, nature attractions- check it out and discovery local offers.

Many of the German towns in this area are quite small compared to the states, but they are very nice.

Did you already see the KMC Sign, right after passing the West Gate Entry on the Ramstein Air Base?

The Kaiserslautern Military military Community is known for being the largest American community outside of the US. Currently more than 50,000 Americans and inhabitants from more than 79 nations are living and sharing this community.

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  • Shipment of your household goods
  • How to ship your vehicle
  • All you need to know about bringing your pets overseas
  • TLA- Temporary Lodging Allowance

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Pcs to Germany

Driving In Germany

Driving in Germnay

Mandatory Licensing for Driving It is compulsory for drivers to possess a U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) license to operate a vehicle in Germany; this rule admits no exceptions. Holding an international driver’s license does not qualify as a substitute, and it is not permissible to drive a rental car during the interim period while awaiting your vehicle’s arrival without a USAREUR license. Remember, the ability to drive in Germany is considered a privilege and not an inherent right.    Many new arrival will do the testing online here are the link for your online driver test for diving in Germany.

Non CAC Login: https://secure.jten.mil/jkohd/sponsored.jsp

CAC Login: https://jko.jten.mil/

Shipment of your household goods.

You want to bring your personal items over to Germany? That´s what you need to know about the Prep & Shipment of your household goods

Before you start packing your household goods you will have to make sure that you consider the weight allowance that is strictly defined by the Traffic Management Office (TMO). while you moving to Germany. Also they will have a list of items which items you are able to ship to Germany and at the same time which not. Once you figured that, your unaccompanied baggage and your household goods are ready for shipment. Please note that the unaccompanied baggage can take about 35-60 days and the household goods about 60-70 days until it arrives. But that is nothing that you should worry about! The government is providing temporary furniture to you up until 90 days. Also you can visit the airmen´s attic, where you can find things to set you up for the first weeks & months. If you have more questions about the shipment  of your personal items & your household goods, you can click on here —)  Household Goods Shipment Tips_May 2016.pdf (af.mil)

How to ship your vehicle while PCSing to Germany

Do you have a beloved vehiclecin the US, that you can´t be without? This is not a problem, because we will let you know what you should know before shipping your car.

Once you decided on taking your car overseas it needs to meet certain criteria.  Please make sure your car have no severe body damage that could become a danger to you and others who are on the road. Another important thing to check is the tires. They need to have a minimum of 1/1 of an inch depth and be the size recommended by the manufacture. In winter you have to ensure that the tires meet the german law. That means you will need to put winter rated tires on your car. Also check the general functions of your car like the mounted Seatbelts (Mandatory in Germany!), the light system, your brakes, and the windows. If you feel unsure about certain restrictions, please do not hesitate to contact the TMO, they will be more than happy to help.

All you need to know about PCS to Germany with pets

Are you planning on taking your fluffy friend on your new adventure to Germany? You can do so! All about getting the early prep for your pet and the shipment.

Since Germans really love their pets, there is certain rules and laws set in place to ensure that each individual knows the responsibilities for pet ownership. What that means is to take care that the pet´s are all health standards are taken care of. For example, your pet will need an microchip implantation ( ISO standard 11784 or 11785) that have do be done before the required rabies vaccination. A total of 21 day must have elapsed after primary vaccination and implantation before being able to be accepted in Europe. Another important fact to know is the regulation that is set in place that prohibits breeding and trading dogs that are considered as ,,dangerous” in the german law. Also, please make sure your pet has an valid Health Certificate before leaving the US. Once all that is done you will need to take care of the shipment. Please note, that the shipment will be at your own expenses. If you are considered Active Duty, please contact the TMO to arrange shipment. Civilians who are taking a commercial flight will have to consider individual airline requirements. For more information you can take USDA APHIS | International Regulations (IRegs) for ANIMAL Exports Home for reference.

TLA - Temporary Lodging Allowance

Once you receive your orders to your new location, you are automatically eligible for a stay at a Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF). This is valid for up to 30 days upon arrival on your assigned installation. Please be aware, that the Ramstein Air Base can get busy at times, which could result that the capacity for an available room will be limited. In that case, you are authorized to stay in a off-base accommodation. Therefor you will need a non-availability statement that will be issued by Lodging. If all the documentations are completed , you can directly reach out to us!     We ill help you thought the process. 

Over the 20 years of business, every effort has been made to ensure that all customers are happy and satisfied finding their new Home.

Please feel free to reach out to us for your inquiry by visiting our Homepage TLA Ramstein TLA with free car TDY TLF TQSA HOME (tdyramstein.com). You can also dial our office number +49 6372 8034700, for personal consultation. We do have TLA Apartments and houses for military families and GS Members at our new TLA Location in Ramstein. Just mail us  


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PCS to Germany
PCS to Germany
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